TRANSIENCY came to life in 2001 from the ashes of female-fronted gothic/doom metal band Demonia. Soon they started working on their debut EP, "Manqualm", and finally released it in 2007.

TRANSIENCY play a genre almost forgotten nowadays, taking elements from gothic, doom and death metal. Someone heard similarities with early Amorphis, Katatonia, Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, Amon Amarth...

"Manqualm" is a very documented and detailed concept about The Black Death. Drums on this recording were played by drummer extraordinaire Dario "Chen" Grassi.

Giorgio Todesco (ex-Demonia) took care of engineering, mixing, mastering and overall production, directed by Frank Wells.

Nicola Cozzi recorded and engineered drum tracks in his own studio in Assago, Milan

TRANSIENCY started working on their second EP, "Abominations of civilization", in 2009. 

All songs on the album are once again unified by a common theme, in fact "Abominations of civilization" talks about the horrors of colonization.

Although there are still gothic elements, mainly due to Moonbeam's violin and double lead guitar harmony sound, TRANSIENCY chose an even more old school approach this time: you can definitely hear thrash, NWOBHM and classic doom metal vibes in most of the riffs and melodies.

Giorgio Todesco and Dario Grassi are no longer part of the picture, therefore Moonbeam played all guitars alongside violin and piano, Hammer Horror sat behind the kit and Francesco Ercolino mixed and mastered the EP.

All songs were written and arranged by Frank Wells with the invaluable assistance of Moonbeam.





Frank Wells: Bass guitar, growls

Moonbeam: Guitars, violin, piano

Hammer Horror: Drums


Francesco Ercolino: 

engineering, mixing and mastering on "Abominations of civilization"

Giorgio Todesco:

Lead and rhythm guitars on "Manqualm".




"Get ready for a trip backwards in days gone by, to run over the primitive paths again and experience the tragic events Im gonna tell you. It all happened in the fourteenth century when a dreadful calamity, later known as The Black Death, spread and raged over Europe and left its mark in the millenary history of mankind. Millions of persons, weakened by years of war and famine, died of this horrid disease. Survivors and generations to come carried on, haunted with the fear of God and the everlasting prophecy of Worlds end..."



1 Manqualm (intro)

2 The Fatal Godsend

3 Circle of the Flagellants

4 Plague Spreaders

5 The Alchemist

"Possessed by demonic forces, Anglo-Saxons, Gauls and Teutons of England, France and Germany over the past five centuries developed the weaponry, the justifications and the strategies to conquer and colonize the lands, knowledge and minds of the indigenous peoples. 

The first Aryans to colonize African territory were the Hyksos (Hebrews) who invaded Kemet (Egypt) in 1645 BCE long after the pyramids were built. 

Over the centuries, other invaders followed with only one intent: to plunder indigenous people of their wealth."


1 The Columbian Exchange

2 Order of the Crown

3 New World Slavery

4 The Final Crusade

5 Abominations of Civilization (outro)



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