In 1991, there existed an evil group of subversive youth, whose sole purpose was to show others about the beauty of death. As time passed, they discovered that music was the best form of expressing the evil that they had learned. These youth became what the leaders of the underground know to be MORTAL FUNGUS

They recorded two infamous demo-tapes, before disbanding in 1994 and reforming four years later, with a different line-up, for the now classic 6-songs cassette "Frightening countries". Unable to kneel to musical trends and absolutely loyal to their pure death metal roots, MORTAL FUNGUS were put on hiatus several times during the years, but they never really disbanded.

MORTAL FUNGUS latest CD and first "full-lenght" recording, "Back to the lombrosary", was recorded in 2008, since then all band members have been pursuing different musical projects. 

In 2013, Frank Wells started gathering ideas for a new version of "Back to the lombrosary", featuring two new songs, re-recorded backing vocals, different artwork and a brand new mixing and mastering with an improved guitar sound. 


Line-up & Timeline

Frank Wells - Bass guitar, vocals, drums on early recordings  (1991 - 2008)

Joutsen - Drums (1998 - 2008)

Udo Usvardi - Rhythm guitar (1998 - 2008)

Andy Soresina - Lead guitar (1999 -2005)

AndreaS - Lead guitar (2008)

Moonbeam - Rhythm guitar, violin (2008)

Nay - Guitar (1991 - 1994)

Al Ferrario - Vocals (1999)




Listen to "Back to the lombrosary" and other tunes @ Mortal Fungus Official MySpace Page



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