HELL MUŅECO was originally the name of a stoner rock band that Gale La Gamma, ex-drummer of Demonia and Psedo Amorfeus, was trying to start in the mid-2000s. The monicker was finally used when Frank called Gale to sing on a couple of songs he originally wrote as a follow up to World Funeral's "Caledarium et frigidarium".

HELL MUŅECO started with the intention of writing slow, groovy and heavy riffs with weird guitar harmonies and a touch of gothic (mainly because of Todesco's guitar playing). All bandmembers are well experienced musicians, and they are influenced by stoner, heavy doom & NWOBHM bands.

In 2009 they recorded their 5 songs debut, "Doom core", which showcases old-school doom metal "big" riffs alongside twin guitar harmonies reminiscent of gothic metal, dark rock vocals and lyrics dealing with socially conscious subjects. 

The same year, Frank Wells started writing songs for a new EP, "Replacing God", with a darker approach on the lyrical side, plus a groovier and heavier riffing provided by their new lead and rhythm guitarist, Mirko Bosco (from Witches' Brew). Gone are the "gothic metal" tendencies of the previous recording, "Replacing God" is just doom, doom and doom again!



Gale La Gamma   

Lead vocals

Frank Wells  

Bass guitar, backing vocals

Mirko Bosco

Lead & rhythm guitars

Vincent Gates



Guitars on "Doom Core" played by Giorgio Todesco

Drum machine on "Doom Core" programmed by Frank Wells

"Doom core" was recorded in 2009 

by Giorgio Todesco and Frank Wells. 

Mixed and mastered by Giorgio Todesco.


1 Unbearable Chinese Practices
2 Live Without Innocence 
3 Breeding Misery 
4 Mr. Hieronymus 
5 Therapeutic Obstinacy 


"Doom core" chilling front cover painting was done by P.J. Scoggins, an artist from the U.S.A. 



"Replacing  God" was recorded in 2012/13.

Produced, engineered, mixed & mastered 

by Frank Wells.


1 Goddess of the Screen

2 D.O.D. (december 6, 1990)

3 Homunculus Infame

4 Attention Whore

5 Solifuge


"Replacing God" cover design comes from an idea by Gale La Gamma.



Listen to Hell Muņeco @ their Official MySpace Page



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